Sinya Lee   李新野

Welcome to my homepage. I am a quantitative researcher based in Hong Kong and New York.

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About Me

Occupation: Quantitative Researcher
Location: Mostly in Hong Kong and New York
Hometown: Swatow
Cities Lived: Swatow, Shanghai, Beijing, Boston, San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Miami, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong
Languages Spoken: Teochew (native), English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien, and Japanese
Email: sinyaleesf[at]gmail[dot]com

Work Experience

2022-2023 Citadel Securities, alpha research Research Engineer
2020-2021 Facebook, Facebook and Instagram shops Senior Software Engineer
2017-2019 Amazon, Twitch browse and discovery Software Engineer
2015-2016 TeleVeh, automatic driving Cofounder and CEO


2013 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, EECS Undergraduate
2014 Tsinghua University, Yao Class Undergraduate
2016 Brown University, Computer Science Master Degree

Academic Research

My research interests are cryptography and game theory, especially in mechanism design. When I was in college I was mentored by Turing Award laureates Andrew Yao and Silvio Micali. I have two published research papers.