Sinya Lee

Location: Massachusetts, United States
Email: sinya8(at)gmail(dot)com


If you want to know more about my work, please visit my organization and company websites. If you know my organizations or companies and want to work with me, please send me an email.

If you want to offer me a job, I am sorry it is too late. I will not accept any job offer unless it's really good (say above $200,000 per year), in which case please stop reading this page and send me an email immediately.


I studied in MIT EECS department before.


Here are some of my previous projects that I can share here:

(1) This is a link to an introduction page of my SimCity 4 Map of the Teochew-Swatow region.

(2) This is a photo of my Lego robotic tank and Lego Tank Man:

(3) This is a photo when I was building a 3D printer:

I know "E = mc2" holds only if the momentum is 0. So stop pointing out the problem of my T-shirt.


In MIT I did some research in CSAIL advised by Professor Silvio Micali. My research interest was theoretical computer science, especially mchanism design.