Sinya Lee

Location: North America
Email: sinya8(at)gmail(dot)com


This website is no longer maintained. I have moved my professional homepage to Path Compression:


I studied in MIT EECS department before.


Here are some of my previous projects that I can share here:

(1) This is a link to an introduction page of my SimCity 4 Map of the Teochew-Swatow region.

(2) This is a photo of my Lego robotic tank and Lego Tank Man:

(3) This is a photo when I was building a 3D printer:

I know "E = mc2" holds only if the momentum is 0. So stop pointing out the problem of my T-shirt.


In MIT I did some research in CSAIL advised by Professor Silvio Micali. My research interest was theoretical computer science, especially mchanism design.